Sunday, 4 October 2015

What do leaders want from NHS Improvement?

"In May 2015, the Secretary of State for Health announced that Monitor, the regulator of NHS foundation trusts, would merge with the Trust Development Authority, which oversees other trusts – under the oversight of a single chief executive. This single body, NHS Improvement, will have regulatory and oversight duties over all NHS providers. This Viewpoint is published as the chief executive of the newly formed organisation takes up post, at a time when NHS trusts face historic financial pressure and an ambitious programme of change. The Nuffield Trust and NHS Providers asked leaders from across the health service and other key positions in health care policy-making for their advice to the first holder of this important position. Each respondent was asked to set out some priority areas for the chief executive to focus on, and how they believe he or she could deliver real help to the NHS at this difficult time."

What do leaders want from NHS Improvement?
Nuffield Trust
September 2015

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