Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Transforming our health care system

The King's Fund has outlined ten priorities for commissioning:
  1. Active support for self-management
  2. Primary prevention
  3. Secondary prevention
  4. Managing ambulatory care-sensitive conditions
  5. Improving the management of patients with both mental and physical health needs
  6. Care co-ordination through integrated health and social care teams
  7. Improving primary care management of end-of-life care
  8. Medicines management
  9. Managing elective activity – referral quality 
  10. Managing urgent and emergency activity
Transforming our health care system: ten priorities for commissioners
C Naylor, et al.
The King's Fund
April 2013

Read more here.

Link here to read a summary of this article, from the Commissioning Elf.

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