Friday, 28 July 2017

Decommissioning health care

"Decommissioning – defined as the planned process of removing, reducing or replacing health-care services – is an important component of current reforms in the NHS. This study aims to formulate theoretically grounded, evidence-informed guidance to support best practice in effective decommissioning of NHS services. Decommissioning is shaped by change management and implementation, evidence and information, and relationships and politics. We propose an expanded understanding, encompassing organisational and political factors, of how avoidance of loss affects the delivery of decommissioning programmes. Future work should explore the relationships between contexts, mechanisms and outcomes in decommissioning, develop the understanding of how loss affects decisions and explore the long-term impact of decommissioning and its impact on patient care and outcomes."

Decommissioning health care: identifying best practice through primary and secondary research a prospective mixed-methods study
I Williams, J Harlock, G Robert, R Mannion, S Brearley, K Hall
Health Services and Delivery Research, 2017, 5:22

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