Friday, 18 March 2016

Integrated knowledge translation (IKT) in health care

"Conclusions: The IKT strategies that achieve beneficial outcomes remain unknown. We generated a summary of IKT approaches, enablers, barriers, conditions, and outcomes that can serve as the basis for a future review or for planning ongoing primary research. Future research can contribute to three identified knowledge gaps by examining (1) how different IKT strategies influence outcomes, (2) the relationship between the logic or theory underlying IKT interventions and beneficial outcomes, and (3) when and how decision-makers should be involved in the research process. Future IKT initiatives should more systematically plan and document their design and implementation, and evaluations should report the findings with sufficient detail to reveal how IKT was associated with outcomes."

Integrated knowledge translation (IKT) in health care: a scoping review
AR Gagliardi, W Berta, A Kothari, J Boyko, R Urquhart
Implementation Science, 2016, 11:38

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